English Serbian translation

About our written translation service

An exhaustive approach

We have developed an exhaustive approach to our translation work which involves multiple stages in the translation process and ensures a high quality of service. This is an example of a typical workflow:

  1. You, the client, send us your source document, say in English, usually by email, whether it be text for a website, brochure or other material you plan to publish in Serbian.
  2. After we have exchanged essential information with you about the purpose of the text and your specific needs, we allocate a team member to the task who we think is best suited for that type of text and who is, of course, a native speaker of Serbian, or English in the reverse case.
  3. The translator begins work on the project, using all the technical and other means we have at our disposal. In particular we emphasise the use of the Internet for research and of CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools for accuracy and consistency.
  4. Along the way, if the type of translation demands it, the translator also populates a glossary which is used to standardise the terminology used in this text and in future projects we may undertake for you. We will usually submit this glossary to you for inspection as our clients often have an existing base of established terminology in their field, especially in English.
  5. When the initial draft is complete (we call it Draft 1 internally), the text is returned to the senior editor, usually with plenty of comments and queries – we like to think of translation as a dialogue within our team. This draft is sent to a second colleague, also a native speaker, whose task it is to give a second opinion, correct typographical and grammatical errors, and even correct translation errors – we are under no illusions, no first draft of a translation can be perfect and only with this type of double- and triple-checking can we polish the text to the standard you expect!
  6. This version (Draft 2) then comes back to the senior editor who him-/herself checks the entire document and has the final say on the text. In the case of English to Serbian translation the editor (who will be a native English speaker) will compare the source and translated text to ensure absolute accuracy of translation. We just don’t leave anything to chance! This Draft 3 version is then sent to the client.
  7. The client is given the opportunity to respond to any outstanding queries. There are usually a few issues only you can resolve – you know your subject area best! This Draft 4 is returned to the senior editor.
  8. The senior editor makes any last changes, cleans up the text and proofs it entirely one more time. This is usually the final version, Draft 5, though in practice there are usually further revisions – the text is not finished until we are absolutely satisfied. This final draft is sent to the customer for publication with our guarantee of quality.
  9. Often, especially in the case of web materials, we will spot-check the published text at a later date to ensure no mistakes crept in during the desktop-publishing stage.

Experience and practice have taught us that the above is the minimum required to ensure that you, our client, receive the quality of English-Serbian or Serbian-English translation that you expect from a Five-Star translation service!