English Serbian translation

Translation of tender documents

Jun 29, 2017

Are you hoping to bid for a valuable tender or public procurement contract in the region of the former Yugoslavia? Documents for invitations to tender in these countries are not typically published in the English language, but in the Serbian, Bosnia, Croatian or Montenegrin variants of the language which is spoken in much of this region. Any company interested in bidding for valuable public or private sector contracts needs to have the documentation translated into English first. That is where we can help you.
We couple experience with an efficient and extremely proficient team to translate tender and procurement documentation from the languages of Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina into English. And because of our location in Serbia, where overheads are lower, our prior experience, and the existing materials we are able to leverage, we can also provide very competitive pricing.
We can translate tender documentation or just the parts you need: invitations to tender, tender rules, draft contracts, technical specifications (see note below), local versions of the ESPD form and everything else that comprises the document bundle for a given tender, and do so with a good turnaround time and to a standard which will leave you in no doubt as to the requirements you need to meet.
Why not contact us today (click the contact button below) and we can give you a quote. Let’s get you that lucrative public contract in the Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian or Montenegrin public or private sector!

*Note: We do not currently offer a service for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia or for Slovenia, where different languages are spoken. As regards tenders of a highly technical nature, we will always first review the material involved and will not take on any subject area that we do not feel comfortable in – we are committed to quality and will not attempt projects for which we do not have the relevant human resources.