English Serbian translation

Retail IT Magazine

Retail IT Magazine is published quarterly by Retail Media, a Novi Sad-based company focusing on in-store media solutions and on the global retail technologies industry. The company also organises regular regional Retail IT Summits for the industry. The magazine focuses primarily on new technologies being implemented by retail chains worldwide, including self-checkouts, mobile applications, cloud solutions and solutions that integrate the entire process of selling to consumers in ways that improve the customer experience and help ensure maximum customer loyalty.


Retail IT Magazine is compiled from a range of sources, with articles written mostly in English by a variety of different authors, many of them non-native speakers.

It is our job to take those “raw” materials and shape the English into a consistent whole, not just correcting grammatical, spelling and other errors but ensuring an authentic, native English style throughout.

Generally, Odista does not take on work proofreading English texts or translations from Serbian that we have not ourselves done, as it is usually not cost-effective to correct non-native English to the required standard. However, Retail IT Magazine is always well-written, not to mention being an interesting read, so we are glad of this opportunity to make this good magazine great!