English Serbian translation


Odista has worked on a number of projects for RNIDS – the Register of National Internet Domain Names of Serbia.

You may not know who RNIDS are, but if you are an Internet user in Serbia then you have almost certainly used their services without knowing!

RNIDS are the organisation responsible for ensuring the functioning of the Serbian Internet domain .rs, and as of recently, .срб (the new Cyrillic domain), referred to as ccTLDs – country code Top-Level Domains.

Their work involves administering the registration of .rs and .срб domain names by individuals and companies via third-party accredited registrars, maintaining the infrastructure that routes Internet traffic to these domains, and also promoting the development of Internet content in the Serbian language and the languages of ethnic minorities.

In 2011 Odista completed the translation from Serbian into English of the entire RNIDS website and we have also carried out translations of several editions of the RNIDS newsletter and of their first annual report in 2012 which you can download here in PDF format.


As ever, the aim is to provide an English translation which is true to the original Serbian but also indistinguishable from a text written in native English – with special care given to the terminology relating to the area of the Internet and IT, an area with which we are very familiar!