English Serbian translation

Do you need Odista’s services?

Who might use our services?

Our services are most in demand from:

  1. Serbian organisations and companies who need to communicate with foreign markets in English,
  2. international companies and institutions that have a presence in Serbia or are planning to establish one.

The types of document that we most commonly deal with are promotional materials such as web sites, brochures and catalogues, as well as important correspondence and PowerPoint presentations. These are materials where perfect copy in the target language is absolutely essential, whether it be Serbian or English. We also provide a specialised service in medical translation from English into Serbian (contact us for details).

When might you look elsewhere?

We do not claim to tackle “any kind of translation”, but rather focus our resources on the kind of marketing-related materials we have outlined above, where we can guarantee the quality of our work. This means that we generally do NOT currently take on:

  • primarily legal or heavily technical documentation or texts from other specialised areas, other than medicine
  • personal documents such as birth/marriage certificates
  • any other “court notarised” types of document

However, we will consider each project on an individual basis so feel free to approach us; we will by all means try to help you with any advice we can give.