English Serbian translation

Five-Star Serbian

The premier English-Serbian written translation service

If you are doing business in Serbia, or planning to, you need someone you can trust to accurately translate your website and other promotional materials into Serbian in a way that does justice to your original text and renders it in authentic, native, idiomatic Serbian. Odista‘s Five-Star Serbian is the premier written translation service.

How do we do it?

We maintain the highest quality by

  • insisting on an exhaustive, multi-draft editorial process
  • employing only the highest-quality native Serbian translators and proof-readers with proven ability and skill in their own language
  • constantly communicating with the client at every stage in the process
  • employing native English speakers proficient in Serbian who comparison-edit the text to ensure 100% accuracy of translation

We specialise in translation from English to Serbian (we do not translate between any other languages). That is what makes Odista unique, and the first choice for quality translation from English to Serbian.

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