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Need translation from Serbian into English?

You insist on:

  • accurate translation, true to the Serbian original
  • translation into the highest-quality native English

Odista can provide this:

  • ALL of our translations are undertaken by a highly skilled team of native speakers of English proficient in Serbian
  • ALL translations go through a quality control process involving several steps and at least one other native English translator

And because we are based in Serbia, not only do our translators have our finger on the pulse of the modern Serbian language but we are also extremely competitive due to our low overheads! In fact we might just offer the most value for money of any Serbian-English translation service out there, with prices starting from as little as 0.08 EUR per word!

Our speciality

In order to achieve and maintain the highest possible quality Odista is a dedicated Serbian-English and English to Serbian translation agency. We do not take on any other languages!

ContactIf quality is your first priority, choose Odista. Contact us with your requirements and we will respond as soon as possible. Other agencies welcome.

Serbian-English translation – our speciality

Our primary focus is Serbian, but depending on our current workload we may also consider translation projects into English from other, closely-related languages (Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin), which represent no difficulty for Serbian-English translators.