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Don’t risk compromising your competitive advantage. Odista is the only company we know of focusing exclusively on the English-Serbian combination. Odista is committed to quality written translation from English into Serbian, translation that

  • does justice to your valuable content
  • renders it in authentic, native, idiomatic Serbian

Read more about our premier English-Serbian translation service Five-Star Serbian, our top-quality Serbian-English service Five-Star English, our Serbian-English back-translation service or contact us to discuss your needs.


Serbian-English back-translation

Back-translation is an important part of many translation projects, especially, for example, in the medical/health fields, where it is needed as an additional layer of verification in the translation workflow - to ensure that the work has been carried out accurately from a semantic point of view. This is ALWAYS done by native speakers of the target language.

Odista is ideally positioned to provide back-translation services in the Serbian-English and English-Serbian pairs, with our small but experienced team of both native English and Serbian speakers based in Novi Sad, Serbia, and hence we offer this as a specific service, to those clients who need a third party situated outside their regular workflow that can carry out this step of verification for them impartially.

We understand what it is you are looking for in a back-translation and have considerable experience of such projects, especially health questionnaires and similar materials where it is of vital importance that the end-user of the questionnaire understand exactly what is being asked of them. Our back-translations are always well-annotated, highlighting any potential for confusion or apparent discrepancies. Very little gets past our keen eyes!

For more information, for a free quote or anything you want to chat about regarding back-translation in the English/Serbian pair, get in touch with us via our contact form.

Regular web news translation service

Sorry, this service is not currently available in English.

Do you need Odista’s services?

Who might use our services?

Our services are most in demand from:

  1. Serbian organisations and companies who need to communicate with foreign markets in English,
  2. international companies and institutions that have a presence in Serbia or are planning to establish one.

The types of document that we most commonly deal with are promotional materials such as web sites, brochures and catalogues, as well as important correspondence and PowerPoint presentations. These are materials where perfect copy in the target language is absolutely essential, whether it be Serbian or English. We also provide a specialised service in medical translation from English into Serbian (contact us for details).

When might you look elsewhere?

We do not claim to tackle “any kind of translation”, but rather focus our resources on the kind of marketing-related materials we have outlined above, where we can guarantee the quality of our work. This means that we generally do NOT currently take on:

  • primarily legal or heavily technical documentation or texts from other specialised areas, other than medicine
  • personal documents such as birth/marriage certificates
  • any other “court notarised” types of document

However, we will consider each project on an individual basis so feel free to approach us; we will by all means try to help you with any advice we can give.

Five-star Chinese

We translate Chinese bla bla bla

Five-Star English

The premier Serbian-English translation service

Need translation from Serbian into English?

You insist on:

  • accurate translation, true to the Serbian original
  • translation into the highest-quality native English

Odista can provide this:

  • ALL of our translations are undertaken by a highly skilled team of native speakers of English proficient in Serbian
  • ALL translations go through a quality control process involving several steps and at least one other native English translator

And because we are based in Serbia, not only do our translators have our finger on the pulse of the modern Serbian language but we are also extremely competitive due to our low overheads! In fact we might just offer the most value for money of any Serbian-English translation service out there, with prices starting from as little as 0.08 EUR per word!

Our speciality

In order to achieve and maintain the highest possible quality Odista is a dedicated Serbian-English and English to Serbian translation agency. We do not take on any other languages!

ContactIf quality is your first priority, choose Odista. Contact us with your requirements and we will respond as soon as possible. Other agencies welcome.

Serbian-English translation – our speciality

Our primary focus is Serbian, but depending on our current workload we may also consider translation projects into English from other, closely-related languages (Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin), which represent no difficulty for Serbian-English translators.

Five-Star Serbian

The premier English-Serbian written translation service

If you are doing business in Serbia, or planning to, you need someone you can trust to accurately translate your website and other promotional materials into Serbian in a way that does justice to your original text and renders it in authentic, native, idiomatic Serbian. Odista‘s Five-Star Serbian is the premier written translation service.

How do we do it?

We maintain the highest quality by

  • insisting on an exhaustive, multi-draft editorial process
  • employing only the highest-quality native Serbian translators and proof-readers with proven ability and skill in their own language
  • constantly communicating with the client at every stage in the process
  • employing native English speakers proficient in Serbian who comparison-edit the text to ensure 100% accuracy of translation

We specialise in translation from English to Serbian (we do not translate between any other languages). That is what makes Odista unique, and the first choice for quality translation from English to Serbian.

ContactContact us now with your needs and we’ll start things rolling towards your Five-Star Serbian translation.